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Video is benefiting the Conscious Consumer lifestyle

We live in a world that is constantly evolving, but that doesn’t come as a shock to any of us. Now one of the biggest changes in our digital world is the growth of video. You can simply go onto your Facebook newsfeed to see videos with anything from what to cook for dinner to the latest workout sensation. With that being said, video has given opportunity to marketing professionals and small business owners to produce content to promote their products or services with little to no cost.

With 60% of professional marketers and 55% of small business owners saying video marketing is a “must have” to stay engaged with their target audiences, it comes as no surprise that this is a growing marketing strategy. Video marketing has had a direct impact on 77% of the businesses that have integrated video into their strategies. Although Facebook still remains on top as the primary social media platform, businesses are looking into newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to advance their video capabilities.

Conscious Consumers with busy lifestyles are seeking ways to be true to their values, but need to be efficient, too. With the flexibility and power of videos you can find just about any “how-tos.” A company called Hello Fresh is delivering meals straight to consumer homes with recipes for the week. Inside the fully recyclable box are locally sourced ingredients and recipes portioned to the household size for the week. On their Facebook page are tutorials on how to cook some of their favorite recipes. This is an example of how a company uses video to coach busy Conscious Consumers.

Video has moved beyond pre-produced content to include live-streaming. When it comes to live video content, Twitter is leading the way with making its third live-streaming video deal with Bloomberg. With the positive reactions to live- streaming the Wimbledon tennis tournament followed by a deal made with CBS to stream the upcoming political conventions, Twitter has now signed another deal to live-stream several of Bloomberg’s TV programs. Twitter CFO Anthony Noto said, “Twitter is one of the fastest ways to find out what’s happening in global business and financial markets, and to engage in the live commentary about it.” With live-streaming deals Twitter is staying on top as the best resource for in-the-now information going on around the world.

Video doesn’t only open doors for businesses, but it can also help expose individuals to any topic you can think of. Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal wrote about the new live video craze. Her take on live video: “It’s a powerful, spontaneous way to share your life and interact with people.” This statement rings true with what we are seeing on social media platforms. With live video, anything goes.

Video creates opportunities for businesses to establish relationships while giving the Conscious Consumers the opportunity to do more of what they love. The world of live video has endless benefits that are easy for businesses of any size to take advantage of.

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