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In early April, made a statement about Equal Pay Day by literally taking 21% off of certain products. The online CPG retailer, and equal pay advocate, hosted a Facebook Live session that featured a water laser-cutting machine that sliced through items like shaving cream, a package of diapers, toothpaste, a frying pan and a flat screen TV.

The e-shop’s stunt was part of an effort to draw attention to the gender wage gap, a cause that’s been gaining attention recently. The discrepancy has inspired women, men, political institutions and brands to coalesce around the notion that women make 77 cents to the dollar that men earn. Though, to be sure, it’s a social issue that’s not without controversy around its necessity or its veracity.

As a demographic that’s partially defined by their commitment to social responsibility, Conscious Consumers are concerned about a brand’s value alignment. Their relationship with the brands that they’re loyal to is more than an affinity, it’s an investment in who that brand is and the actions that it takes. And their voice is actual currency. By spending with brands that advocate for the causes that they care about, Conscious Consumers can feel that they, too, are making a difference.

JetcomStaffImage isn’t new to the equal pay cause. It has established a stance on it, with its own company policies on pay equality and transparency. Luna – another CPG brand that brought attention to the day with a promotion of 20% off the bars sold on its site – also puts the causes it stands with into business practice. It’s partnered with Lean In and AAUW, and offers practical empowerment advice on its website.

It’s important for brands to support their cause efforts with actions that go beyond simply raising awareness. Our proprietary research, in conjunction with Mintel, finds that the majority of Conscious Consumers don’t just take a brand’s claims at face value, they look into it by doing research to make sure that there’s evidence to back it up.

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