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Leveraging mindfulness to connect with Conscious Consumers

Often when we think of mindfulness we immediately go to a place that feels more spiritual. For me I sometimes harken back to the days of Shirley McClain and her centering of our chakras. Other times I think of meditation, yoga and the like. But mindfulness doesn’t have to be any of those. It can be of course but it doesn’t have to be. According to Dr. Jon Kabot-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, mindfulness is:Text

Which in many respects means it’s about knowing when to pause, when to take a step back, when to reflect. All so you can head back into the game with a better perspective, and a more thoughtful plan. But as marketers how do we connect with that? Especially if you’re not selling a product or service that is more obviously connected with mindfulness?

In our recently launched THINK Report that we address that and how more consumers are either practicing mindful activities or searching for a more mindful life. We share that those who participate in these activities and practices are more likely to pay more for your product or service and more likely to exhibit more loyalty. We also look at our segments and who is likely to be more engaged


I invite you to take a look at the full report and download if you’d like.

In the meantime I’ll give you this. Top of mind awareness is only step one in the processes for marketers. After that you need to coach them. What used to be loyalty-marketing programs now has to evolve into ways you guide your audience with ideas on how they can leverage what you’re offering with a better and more mindful life for them. That can be as simple as connecting your values through the buy one give one programs that Warby Parker and Toms have or more intensive programs such as Aetna’s more recent promotion of mindfulness in the workplace.

Regardless of which route you travel make sure you meet your audience where they are and not where you think they should be. Encourage them to take additional steps. Give them little wins in an effort to build toward bigger ones. That positive reinforcement will allow them to see success in your connection and help you build like and trust.

And if for any reason you struggle to come up with ways to connect just take time for yourself to be mindful. Maybe it’s with an Ohm or maybe a motorcycle ride. In the end it doesn’t matter. Just be sure to give yourself time to reflect. Your consumers are.

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