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Why Cannondale and Commiteds are a perfect marriage

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The art of marketing isn’t what you keep in the boat it’s what you throw out. I’ve mentioned that before and full credit goes to my long time mentor and our agency founder, Tim Clarity. It was true when he first told it to me and it’s true today.

Today, opportunities to connect with consumers are as vast and wide. You can connect using influencers that add credibility to your brand’s message, but that won’t get the reach or frequency that you’d get with a more traditional medium like broadcast or digital video. But, Rob, you say adding a medium isn’t throwing anything out of the boat. I know. Which is why we have to do that earlier when we’re targeting.

This past week, I ran the 5K Torchlight race here in Minneapolis, a part of the annual Aquatennial Celebration. As I was waiting for the start, I began to pay attention to who was around me. They weren’t all young or old or even in between. Age didn’t define them. Attitude did. They all we happy, had great energy and very social. They were a near perfect reflection of our Conscious Consumer segment that we call the Committeds.

We define Committeds as those who actively manage their health and wellness while also acknowledging that they can’t plan for everything. They represent 36% of American adults, and are slightly more likely to be female versus male. When it comes to making behavioral changes that relate to health and wellness, this group is significantly more likely to stick with those changes. In fact, 50% of Committeds who said they had adopted a healthy diet were still at it 3 years later. Even the more go-getting Torchbearers segment were only at 33%. They’re just as dedicated to exercise engagements, with 46% still at it after year three. Bottom line is: they stick with their actions more than any other segment. Our recent THINK report digs deeper into the Committeds’ attitudes and beliefs, and reveals a brand-loyal customer who is willing to pay more for products that fit their values. Which leads me to Cannondale.

Cannondale, with its focus on biker advocacy programs and organizations – like the People for Bikes movement and the League of American Bicyclists, is a solid example of a brand that keys into the mindset of this consumer segment. By narrowing its focus to Committeds and evaluating who within it is most likely to engage, they’re able to hone in on most receptive of the cohort. This approach makes budgets travel further, builds reach and frequency within a very specific audience segment, and helps a company speak directly to those who are more likely to be brand-loyal evangelists that will pay more for the product. That is, assuming that a brand delivers on the promise. And connects with the right values.

Throwing things out of the boat isn’t easy. And it’s imperfect. But it’s a lot better – and more effective – than trying to be all things to all people.

To learn more about the Committeds and their health and wellness lifestyles, download our 2017 THINK report.


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