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Slow down and take stock: A Conscious Consumer mantra

Meditation in sunrise

We’re in the middle of the summer travel season, just over the 4th of July hump, a peak weekend for getting away and celebrating. This is the time when people marvel at how fast summer is going. The sensation that time is passing too quickly is the perfect opportunity to slow down and take stock of all there is to be grateful for.

People slow down in different ways, many of which are explored in CCF’s newest THINK report that focuses on the consumer trend of mindfulness. 24% of adult Americans are doing yoga. I loved that during my long weekend at a lake in northern Minnesota, there was not just one session of “beer and yoga on the dock,” but two. Both at sunset and both well-attended by locals and tourists. Tying directly into the trend of combining physical activity with socializing we discussed in this blog, this chance to connect appealed to those who are multi-tasking to achieve health AND fun.

To contradict my praise of multi-tasking, multi-tasking is actually one of the behaviors mindfulness aims to address. Doing yoga and then having a frosty beverage doesn’t really fit the definition of multi-tasking that has gotten a bad rap in articles like this one from Time. As awareness increases that one’s ability to multi-task may not indicate superior efficiency, a new wave of “mono-tasking” has emerged. Mono-tasking is about focus and commitment, paying attention to the task at hand.

Conscious Consumers are not just mono-tasking to get their work done, but it’s a social trend, too. “Put your phone away” has become the new version of “pay attention,” said during meals, social gatherings, while watching movies or while walking down the street. In essence, we’re chiding each other to be in the moment… or in other words, slow down and take stock.



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