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Conscious Consumers journal toward mindfulness

Keeping a diary is a traditional right of passage for many teenagers. Those diaries tend to remain underneath the mattresses of childhood homes as teens become adults and explore other outlets for making sense of their world.

Perhaps, there is something to gain by keeping up with the habit. According to University of Rochester Medical Center, the benefits of journaling include anxiety and stress management, as well as mental health support. Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, considering in 2016, 34% of adults reported an increase in stress over the previous year.

As we detail in our 2017 THINK Report, Conscious Consumers are increasingly turning to mindfulness-based activities to combat the kind of stress and anxiety the modern world throws at them on a daily basis.

UK-based brand, Intelligent Changecreated mindfulness-based journals that urge individuals to spend time expressing gratitude each day.

In search of “simple tools that helped us live a more fulfilling life and carry on with our day,” Adam Ikkon and UJ Ramdas developed The Five Minute Journal as a means of self-improvement. The Five Minute Journal facilitates daily writing with small prompts and uplifting quotes, making the prospect of daily journaling a little less daunting.

Writing and reflection may sound like the last thing you want to do at the end of a stressful day, but even five minutes of quality time with a pen and paper can have positive impacts on your overall mental health.

Consider adding your teenage journaling habit to your list of decompression tactics – we know we will.


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