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Destination health: Traveling Conscious Consumers are guided by wellness

Whether they’re vacationing or road warrior-ing, Conscious Consumers are taking their wellness-oriented mindsets along for the ride. And, increasingly, brands and services are helping them preserve – or jump-start – healthy practices around fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.

The early adopter group that we call the Torchbearers are the health and wellness explorers. They boast the strongest commitment to proactively managing for an all-around healthy lifestyle, they’re the pioneers of this trend trail. They were the first to show interest in and to embrace the ‘wellness away from home’ services and amenities that have morphed from obscurity to mainstream. Now travelers from across the health-centric spectrum are jumping on board.

Not only are consumers able to travel without skipping a beat (Forgot your running shoes? Fairmont has you covered. Need to fit in a 10-minute meditation? Stop by Miami International Airport’s yoga room on the way to baggage claim.), but many are also jetting off for the primary purpose of improving their health. Today’s healthy travel isn’t about spending the weekend at a cloistered spa retreat; it’s more along the lines of getting an introduction to mindful movement … in Vietnam.

Pravassa is one of the travel facilitators at the forefront, having been created for “stressed out, digitally dependent, sleep-deprived people …” who can benefit from “living a more conscious, aware and healthy lifestyle … on the road.” The company designs both group and private excursions with itineraries like exercising in Costa Rica (intentionally chosen for its Blue Zone status) with instructors from Barry’s Bootcamp or a 10-day immersion in meditation (and a Japanese forest bath) in Tokyo.

The Mandarin Oriental’s Mayo Clinic Healthy Living program gave guests the opportunity to have custom health assessments conducted by the clinic’s on-site staff. The initiative ran for four months at the hotel’s Bodrum, Turkey property in 2016, and it was the first of its kind partnership for the medical center (, 7 January 2016). Evaluation options included body composition, functional movement, stress, posture and overall health, and guests were treated with a combination of the Mayo’s established therapies and the Mandarin’s soothing spa services.

So, where is this healthy travel trend destined to go from here? Expect Conscious Consumers to start shifting to issue- and ailment-specific options, which would allow them to target an area of concern and gauge the effectiveness. Think: An anti-aging Caribbean cruise or an anti-inflammatory hiking trip to Trinidad, because this consumer set knows that the journey to better health can be an adventure.

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