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Tom Brady is a Conscious Consumer

Recently I saw a Tweet by Tom Brady touting his new book, The TB12 Method. At first I thought, “Ok, another sports figure writing about how to stay motivated or how he climbed the mountain.” For some reason, I decided to dig into it a bit more and actually found something that I thought was different.

Certainly there is a bit of both “how I got here” and “roadmap for life” in the book, but what surprised me was how deep the roadmap went, and how it tied to so many of the themes we’ve written about in these posts. Especially those related to health and wellness. It’s what really piqued my interest and why I bought the book. Full disclosure, I have not read all of the 291 pages yet, but have read most of it and skimmed all of it for this post.

Many of our health and wellness themes tie to what Tom refers to as “The 12 principles of TB12.” Themes such as the need for balance and moderation in your life, and just like our most recent THINK report, a need for Mindfulness. Or as he refers to it, “brain rest, recentering and recovery.” He also introduced me to the term (and his number one principle), pliability. He refers to it as the missing leg on the stool. As I interpret it, pliability is about making sure your muscles are long, soft and flexible. Kind of like when you were a kid and could get bounced around a lot but still recover quickly because you were more flexible. It also reminded me of Yin yoga where deep intense stretching helps break down the fascia we build up over time.

So Rob, why should I care about all of this? I’m crafting marketing communications plans and trying to sell products and services, not write a book on better living.

Here’s why you should care.

Tom has a coach (we’ve talked a lot about coaching). Not Bill Belichick, but Alex Guerrero, his personal trainer, nutritionist and the guy that makes sure Tom is pliable. You need to be Alex to your target audience: Telling them how to better use or more frequently use your product or services, how to improve themselves or solve problems that tie to what you sell, your category and their lives. Top of mind awareness will only get you so far. You need to make sure they are activated and engaged.

In his book, Tom serves as your coach. Not only providing themes for better living, but very specific protocols to follow to create a healthier and more balanced life. He also has a full line of products (surprise!) ranging from exercise tools, meals, and hydration to supplements and more. Tom and Alex actually use the book as coaching to bring you into their products. TB12 is like a mash-up of Orange Theory Fitness, The Vitamin Shoppe and Core Power Yoga. One last reference. We’ve talked about the importance of building rituals to create behavior change.  The instruction that happens when coaching is where behavior change begins. And you should be asking yourself what you are instructing your audience to do.

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