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Conscious Consumers are dreaming of an ethical holiday shopping season

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Cyber Monday is around the corner and online shoppers are already mapping out their e-retail game plan. But what’s the price of a discount on a product that was made through unethical labor or with toxic chemicals? For Conscious Consumers, that’s no deal at all, and Impakt wants to help them shop without sacrificing their values.

When it launches in 2018, the browser extension will kick into action when a user puts a product into their online cart. Using an algorithm that’s fed by public sources, such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Global Reporting Initiative, Impakt will pop up a window that displays the item’s eco and ethical details – such as, reports of dumping harmful byproducts into public waters or employing underage labor (, 28 September 2017). It will also feature a scroll-able roster of alternate options so that if the original product doesn’t meet expectations, shoppers can find something similar from a brand that better aligns with the practices that are important to them.

Shopping online and shopping with a conscience can be competing interests, but third party services and brands that take the friction out of finding products that meet ethical and eco standards are an ally for Conscious Consumers. From brands that are transparent about their production and intentions to retailers that provide “good, better, best” ratings to apps that offer ethical intel, this consumer cohort appreciates companies that take the guesswork out of shopping responsibly.

Scoring a good sale is satisfying for any shopper; but doing that with a clear conscious is the real deal for Conscious Consumers.

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