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Crystals (and Kim Kardashian West) are helping Conscious Consumers be more mindful


As mindfulness has gained a mainstream following, it hasn’t been hard to spot its influence in places that intersect its natural path, like health and wellness. We’ve even found multiple cases of mindfulness traveling deep into the tourism and destination categories.

It can be slightly more of a stretch to catch sightings of mindfulness in the CPG space, but that’s exactly where I found one earlier today.

One of the most fascinating things about tracking a consumer trend (aside from identifying “why” something develops and caches on), is watching it spread across categories and, often, demographics. Crystals – those ancient natural gemstone healers – are making their way across alternative medicine circles and into the mainstream. We’ve been watching this happen for a while now as sightings have cropped up in places like the $84 Crystal Elixir Water Bottle offered by apparel retailer Free People. With four crystal options affixed inside a glass canister, consumers can boost their healing, connection and wisdom energy with each sip. There’s also the $135 quarterly subscription service Magik Vibes Box that packes hand-picked crystals.

What caught my attention today was an article about Kim Kardashian West’s foray into fragrance with a trio of crystal-inspired scents. As points out, celebrity fragrances tend to trade in sex appeal, but Ms. Kardashian West (also not necessarily known for modesty) instead set out to create “healing” aromas (, 14 November 2017). Her own interest and use of crystals helped lead to the line that’s packaged in crystal-like containers and features names like Crystal Gardenia.

Perhaps this goes to show that we’ve reached peak crystal. For devout Conscious Consumers, a trend can help spread awareness and interest, but the underlying motivation for living a healthier and more fulfilling life is a constant. Whether it’s via crystals or yoga or meditation practices, expect to see Conscious Consumers’ interest in the mindful lifestyle deepen and grow – creating more opportunities for brands to help and coach them along that path.

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