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Take Your Wellness to Work: Innovative co-working offices make health a priority


Office yoga rooms and kombucha taps aren’t yet as ubiquitous as break rooms and coffee makers, but more companies are catching on to the idea that facilitating access to wellness practices is good for employee productivity and the bottom line. And it’s especially attractive to wellness-oriented younger employees who don’t want to put their health priorities on hold between the hours of 9 to 5.

But so far, efforts tend to be ad hoc – a meditation room here, yoga led by Karen from finance there – rather than holistic initiatives that make wellness integral to office life.

An emerging set of female-only co-working spaces are taking a novel approach by integrating wellness across all that they offer. In early January 2018, ModernWell opened on the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis. As a freelance writer and mother of four, founder Julie Burton has a perspective that doesn’t separate wellness from working. She was inspired to create a space for women “not just to work, but to take care of themselves. To do your best work, you have to take care of yourself” (, 4 January 2018). Naturally, the bright and airy office offers yoga classes on a regular schedule and women’s wellness workshops, but it also features a room for rest and relaxation, an on-site massage therapist, group hikes around neighborhood trails, Happiness Hours (“social events with a twist”) and quarterly opportunities to get involved in charitable organizations.

The Wing is another example of a women-focused co-working space that prioritizes nurturing physical, mental and emotional wellness. It offers community-building events, enrichment lectures, spaces for barre exercises and meditation and a library curated by The Strand (, 26 February 2018). It boasts 3 locations in NYC and is opening another in D.C.

For Conscious Consumers, wellness isn’t an isolated issue. And as more companies accommodate it with their offerings, they’re raising the baseline of where and when consumers expect to advance their health goals.


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