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Driving Gen Z: How to Connect with the New Generation

Many brands have already begun to hear the rumble from the next wave of conscious consumers in Generation Z, but not many know how to consistently connect to them. Gen Z has become the largest demographic in the country with 86 million Americans. So how do we get their attention? It isn’t easy with Gen Z’s momentary attention span. They’re able to process information extremely quickly, decipher its message and decide its worth in 8 seconds. And these choices happen countless times throughout the day, with Z’s interacting with more brands than any other demographic. This point reinforces our strong belief of sending the right message at the right moment. To blend your brands beliefs with Gen Z’ers customs, you must be mindful of three distinct Z characteristics in order to drive meaningful connections.

A Generation that Cares About Environmentally and Socially Conscious Brands

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In the age of information and connectivity the generation to come not only has the knowledge of our most pressing issues, but also strives to do something about it. At all of these turns are brands that support combating the worries of the world. Although consumers can’t always be at the front lines, they can do their part by supporting the brands that are.

Well known names like Patagonia and Nike serve as examples of brands spending significant time and money on supporting environmental and social causes. While smaller examples can be seen with brands like Seventh Generation. An eco friendly cleaning products company that also aims to build a diverse employee community. But what does this mean for Gen Z? Consumer research has shown that brands who invest in these causes are more likely to attract Z’s. Any brand who wishes to find a way to tap into the Gen Z consumer market and also support positive change, should follow suit.

A Generation That’s Infused With Technology

Gen Z. The iGeneration. The first true wave of consumers to grow up with reliable and high speed technology. Specifically, smartphone technology. Research states that Gen Z spends on average 15.4 hours a week on their smartphone. Their 5-inch screen now serves as the best platform for brands to communicate their message.

Social media has a life of its own and users of it are more susceptible to have brand interactions while on their smartphones than anywhere else. Generation Z spends more time on their devices than any other generation. The math here is simple. Which is why it’s important to fully synch brand presence with social media platforms in a meaningful and authentic way. This is where the largest demographic meets the highest rates of device usage. If you want the brand message conveyed you have to meet Gen Z where they are.

A Generation that Responds to Visual

 So, we know what Gen Z cares about, and we know where they’re most likely to see a brand message, but how do you create the bridge. In what way do you present yourself? The answer is simple because it doesn’t take a book, it just takes an image. The best way to attract the younger demographic is getting noticed with a striking visual. Almost all teens and young adults in the US have access to a smartphone. Within one is an overflow of visuals through social media and other apps. To stand out is to bring something visually distinctive. Yes, the story is always important, but on paper it doesn’t jump out at you the same way it can with a visual. Pairing the story of the brand with the sense of sight always lead to the most powerful remedy. This is completely centered in Gen Z’s sphere and how they interact with brands and the world as a whole.

The Call to Action

If you’re eager to embrace this new generation then this is a call to action. If you’re interested in interacting with the largest demographic that will also soon have the highest purchasing power, then Gen Z is your target audience. To do this a brand can show they’re committed to environmentally and socially conscious movements, center themselves around social media and other tech platforms as well as stun the crowd with ads that have visual splendor.

This is the winning formula on how you can serve what we always preach. Mixing in the right message with the right moment to create something new, something stirring and something impactful. If you’re brands looking to do just that, but wants some help, give us a shout at our Instagram handle or our pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can even go old school and give us a call at (612) 339-3902.

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