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Conscious Consumers: Where mindfulness meets marketing

(This blog post originally appeared as an article for AAR Partners) Chances are good that you’ve noticed mentions of mindfulness popping up over the past year. It’s showing up on magazine covers, in elementary schools and even in museum programs.…

How sweet scary is: Mars treats viewers to “Bite Size Horror” flicks

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled Conscious Consumer content to cover something scary. The “ghost along the highway” urban legend; the elevator opening to a non-existent floor; an evil spirit doppelganger; these aren’t the plots of your typical candy commercial. Mars…

Destination health: Traveling Conscious Consumers are guided by wellness

Whether they’re vacationing or road warrior-ing, Conscious Consumers are taking their wellness-oriented mindsets along for the ride. And, increasingly, brands and services are helping them preserve – or jump-start – healthy practices around fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. The early adopter…

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