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Can video games for doctors save healthcare?

Video gaming for physicians was just one of the many innovations presented at this year’s Manova Summit. Dubbed a global summit on the future of health, it’s the brainchild of former General Mills CMO Mark Addicks and covers a wide…

Purpose Marketing: From Tipping Point to Steamrolling

When I first started at CCF, the team had just completed a report called “The consumer of the future” for our client Johnsonville. Wrapped neatly inside two gigantic three ring binders and probably 300+ pages of PowerPoint slides was this…

Is your brand the next negative (or positive) headline?

Recently fitness clubs Soul Cycle and Equinox found themselves in a bit of a pickle when majority stakeholder Stephen Ross was discovered to have been making significant contributions to President Trump’s re-election efforts. While under other circumstances this may not…

I absolutely love this idea.

We have long talked about new product development and innovation being drivers for change and as a means to keep your brands relevant. While poking around online last month I came across an idea that I absolutely love. It’s simple.…

Breaking through the clutter is no longer enough

Earlier this week, I was reading an interview with an agency executive who was stating the need for brands today to “cut through the clutter and keep consumers engaged.” Candidly, I couldn’t agree more. The trick, however, is not to…

Connecting Emotionally To Drive Action

In last month’s blog post, we talked about an ingredient that could start to be sidelined (sugar) and how an entrepreneurial spirit can help a brand stand out.

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“CCF helped us get the uninsured rate in Minnesota to its lowest in state history. That’s a positive change in my book.”

– Allison O’Toole, CEO of MNsure


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