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Finding a balance during uncertain times

Social distancing is our new normal. Working remotely. Washing our hands. Keeping a six-foot distance from others. Elbow bumps. Isolation.…

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Can video games for doctors save healthcare?

Video gaming for physicians was just one of the many innovations presented at this year’s Manova Summit. Dubbed a global…

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Purpose Marketing: From Tipping Point to Steamrolling

When I first started at CCF, the team had just completed a report called “The consumer of the future” for…

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Is your brand the next negative (or positive) headline?

Recently fitness clubs Soul Cycle and Equinox found themselves in a bit of a pickle when majority stakeholder Stephen Ross…

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Driving Gen Z: How to Connect with the New Generation

Many brands have already begun to hear the rumble from the next wave of conscious consumers in Generation Z, but…

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I absolutely love this idea.

We have long talked about new product development and innovation being drivers for change and as a means to keep…

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Breaking through the clutter is no longer enough

Earlier this week, I was reading an interview with an agency executive who was stating the need for brands today…

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Vertical Videos: A Changing Perspective in Online Videos

Video advertising has proven to be a popular format both by marketers and consumers. According to Hubspot, 87% of businesses…

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A Tale of Two Shoe Brands: Tips for Partnering with an Influencer

Influencers are as hot as the sun on Pablo Escobar's once-owned private island. Everyone loves the idea of partnering with…

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CCF: 40 Years of Independence

What’s so great about independence? This month, CCF celebrates 40 years of being an independently-owned ad agency. It may sound…

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The online shopping experience: Now becoming life-sized.

It’s easy to get caught up in futuristic hype at the beginning of a new year as everyone predicts what…

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Don’t forget your consumer

No one likes advertising. My kids tell me this every day, despite what Dad does to earn a living. They…

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“CCF helped us get the uninsured rate in Minnesota to its lowest in state history. That’s a positive change in my book.”

– Allison O’Toole, CEO of MNsure


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