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Clarity Coverdale Fury and ClearWay Minnesota Work to Stop Teen Smoking

“Stop the Start” campaign launch

MINNEAPOLIS (January 26, 2017) – Clarity Coverdale Fury (CCF) in partnership with its client, ClearWay Minnesota, has launched a multi-media campaign, “Stop the Start,” to remind Minnesotans that more should be done to prevent kids from starting to smoke.

Although Minnesota continues to see a decrease in smoking rates among its overall population, nearly all smokers start before the age of 18. If those smokers don’t start, smoke-free generations become reality. That was the driving insight behind the new campaign.

“Stop the Start” helps educate adults about tobacco industry marketing tactics so that they feel empowered to protect kids. One TV spot, “Cowboy Pop Star” highlights the industry’s use of concert promotions and social media, which many parents may not see. Another TV spot, “Train,” illustrates that tobacco companies are obligated to recruit new smokers, since more than half of all smokers die from smoking-related diseases.

This is the newest effort of CCF’s 15-year relationship with ClearWay Minnesota.

“While not always apparent to the general public, the tobacco industry continues to aggressively market its products to youth and young adults through social media and events to lock in future smokers,” said Mike Sheldon, Senior Communications Manager at ClearWay Minnesota. “The industry-leading campaigns we’ve created have been fundamental to the discussions about tobacco that take place in our state and around the country.”

In addition to TV spots, the “Stop the Start” campaign includes a website (, radio, online, billboards and transit advertising.

“We anticipate the powerful, emotional messages in ‘Stop the Start’ will further ClearWay Minnesota’s important work to keep Minnesotans safe from tobacco’s harm,” said CCF President Rob Rankin. “So much of our work focuses on behavioral change for the good and this campaign is another representation of just that.”

About Clarity Coverdale Fury

Clarity Coverdale Fury (CCF) is a full service, Minneapolis-based advertising agency that specializes in behavior change for good. They do this by uncovering the emotional connection between brands and consumers. Consistently producing results often doubling or tripling a brand’s historical performance, their tools include brilliant strategic thinking and world-class creativity. CCF currently blogs on the topic of Conscious Consumers To learn more visit


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