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Mini-quits are the secret sauce to behavior change

We help individuals break bad habits and build better rituals. In fact, we’ve proven that encouraging small baby steps can lead to big things.

Leveraging deep consumer insights, our creative ideas for tobacco control client ClearWay MN led to a unique promotion targeted to smokers.  We know that breaking bad habits requires multiple quit attempts to be successful. So, to best change smoker’s behavior, we created an ongoing yet easy path to quitting, with an external motivator of cold hard cash wrapped into their daily life. We started with an annual promotion but the key to success was layering on Mini-Quit Monday’s for a weekly reason to change up their routine. Success starts small and builds momentum.
This same mindset applies to everyone’s own health and wellness habits. We are experts in behavior change and with our 15 years of experience, we can integrate engagement ideas to drive your brand forward — for the better health of all of us.  
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