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From rock stars to bird enthusiasts, our people truly are unique. But the one common thread is a collection of curious, creative brains that constantly find new ways to solve what needs solving.

Our leadership

  • Rob Rankin
    Rob Rankin
  • Jim Landry
    Jim Landry
    Executive Creative Director
  • Molly Hull
    Molly Hull
    Director of Brand Development
  • Andy Brunn
    Andy Brunn
    Director of Media
  • Beth Morgan
    Beth Morgan
    Chief Financial Officer

Our people

  • Ashley Herink
    Ashley Herink
    Media Planner
  • Barb Beukelman
    Barb Beukelman
    Media Coordinator
  • Calvin Kurten
    Calvin Kurten
    Staff Accountant
  • Chelsea Gadtke
    Chelsea Gadtke
    Media Buyer
  • Deb Anderson
    Deb Anderson
    Broadcast Supervisor
  • Elizabeth Clarity
    Elizabeth Clarity
    Account Manager
  • Ian Simpson
    Ian Simpson
    Associate Creative Director
  • Katie Eiser
    Katie Eiser
    Senior Account Manger
  • Kris O'Malley
    Kris O'Malley
    Customer Insights & Strategy
  • Matthew Capritta
    Matthew Capritta
    Media Intern
  • Maria Doering
    Maria Doering
    Project Manager Supervisor
  • Nissa Hanna
    Nissa Hanna
    Senior Account Planner
  • Phil Rademacher
    Phil Rademacher
    Digital Strategist
  • Robin Pfeifer
    Robin Pfeifer
    Brand Development Supervisor
  • Robin Rooney
    Robin Rooney
    Account Director
  • Sam Johnsrud
    Sam Johnsrud
    Senior Art Director
  • Sara Weiler
    Sara Weiler
    Senior Copywriter
  • Steve Barone
    Steve Barone
    Creative/Video Editor
  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson
    Media Supervisor
  • Tom Carter
    Tom Carter
    Accounting Supervisor


  • One of our staff members once took a cruise that went through a Category 2 hurricane. While she lived to tell the tale, the cruise line surprisingly filed for bankruptcy the following year.

  • We take recycling seriously. In fact, two of our staff members recently completed their "Master in Recycling" certificates.

  • We're reducing our carbon footprint. Many staff members bike, walk or take Metro Transit to work. In fact, some bike enthusiasts bike all year round, clocking in over 3,000 miles a year.


Who said this can’t be fun? Sometimes work and playtime are the same thing.

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