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Altru Health System

Putting the people of Grand Forks and the surrounding area first.

We’re your hospital.

For over 30 years, CCF and Altru have been in a true partnership that has forged great work and real friendships. We’ve worked together to build and position Altru as a regional leader in world-class healthcare, while remaining an active part of the communities in which they serve.

Focused on you.
Focused on the future.

What mattered?

As the region’s largest hospital and health system, the community depends on Altru. But many people felt like they could be doing more to show their commitment.

The insight

If you want to learn how to be better, just ask.

The change

By using real community members in the campaign, we regrounded Altru in peo-ple’s minds as the region’s real community care provider.

Reigniting a sense of pride throughout the region.

Altru believes healthcare should be personal. Every decision, every investment, every change is focused on treating patients better. Our campaign elevated the perception of the quality and impact of Altru.


Educating college students on where to go for care.

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