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Helping smokers quit.

Empathy is the best way to help a smoker.

For nearly its entire existence, we worked side-by-side with QUITPLAN Services in their effort to lower tobacco usage among Minnesotans. Through empathetic messaging, promotional quit-smoking challenges and a wide range of industry firsts – we were proud to help bring the state’s smoking rates down to a historic low of 16.2%.

No Judgments

What mattered?

Awareness of QUITPLAN Services was high, but enrollment was trending downward. With the launch of a new set of services, we needed to find a new way to speak to smokers.

The insight

Even though everyone means well, smokers are constantly judged for their highly addictive habit.

The change

In true collaboration between QUITPLAN and CCF, we created a tone that was rarely used in the anti-smoking realm: empathy. No judgments. No lectures. No pressure. Smokers welcomed this new approach with a renewed drive to try quitting on their own terms.


Connecting smokers to the services they need to finally quit.


Helping more Minnesotans than ever get health coverage.

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