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Red Gold Tomatoes

Reminding people that food doesn’t come from a grocery store.

Connecting families through farming.

It’s hard to invoke genuine emotion over a can of food (as much as brands try), but for nearly a decade we were able to do just that for Red Gold Tomatoes. It was all about getting to the truth of what makes them different. And that truth is based in real midwestern families, supporting real midwestern families.

What mattered?

Helping family-owned Red Gold Tomatoes break out of a parody category historically dominated by national conglomerates like Hunt’s and Del Monte.

The insight

People are genuinely interested in where their food comes from, and luckily every Red Gold Tomato is grown by a midwestern farm family that the Red Gold family knows personally.

The change

By introducing consumers to the real farm families of Red Gold, we were able to put a face and name to each tomato that comes out of a Red Gold can.

No actors. No scripts.

We chose different farm families who grow for Red Gold and spent a day with each of them, telling the story through the eyes of the growers themselves. As a result we generated an enormous pool of genuine content to build a sustaining campaign.


Eliminating “parody” in a parity category.


Uniting the supply chain for all who rely on it (which is all of us).

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