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Wings Financial Credit Union

Inspiring people to expect more out of their financial institution.

Empathy through reality.

For over 8 years, we helped Wings Financial Credit Union invoke trust and actual advocacy from new members – all in a time when trust in financial institutions overall was faltering. It was a true partnership between client and agency that resulted in Wings becoming one of the top credit unions in the country.

What mattered?

Increasing membership and trust in Wings Financial as a financial institution.

The insight

Financial marketing messages traditionally focus on future dreams and aspirations. But that’s not reality. Real people are worried about financial security for today, and the unknown expenses of tomorrow.

The change

Oftentimes financial institutions will come across as inauthentic with “We understand you” messaging. But by relying on the real stories of real members, Wings Financial was able to tap into a level of trust and empathy not often associated with banks. Because of this, more and more people gave up their conventional bank in favor of Wings.


Connecting trust with money through truth.

The “Banking for Real Life” campaign showed Wings Financial truly understands their members and has the service and products they need. This resulted in a record number of new member sign-ups and loan approvals, and set them on track to grow into the regional Credit Union leader.


Reminding people that food doesn’t come from a grocery store.

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