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Work: Wings Financial


There’s almost a never-ending sea of financial institutions that people can trust with their money. We needed to break through that sea, positioning Wings Financial Credit Union as the obvious choice.


Focus groups shed light on a frustration with the average financial marketing messaging. Almost exclusively, the ups and downs of everyday financial life consistently took a backseat to fluff like “Possibilities” and “Somedays.”


Do the opposite. With a customizable suite of financial tools and the trusted personal service of a credit union, Wings Financial exists to make banking for real life as simple and streamlined as possible.

For real life.

Content Strategy

We created a whole series of broadcast and online video content – which we selectively placed on primetime broadcasts, Hulu and other streaming sites, plus digital audio preroll. This reached our busy audience far better than simply doing a sweeping media buy.

Behavior Change

Wings Financial has seen record numbers of both new member signups and loan approvals – continuing a Conscious Consumer trend toward people wanting to feel good about who they trust with their money.

Statistic data
Statistic data
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